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AAA Read This First

Post  Apollymi_DH on Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:27 pm

Tips for Beginners:

1: Train, train, and train again. The higher your alchemy the better your chances, I mostly go for 100ish% success formulas but even still, TRAIN.
2: So you got Superior Alchemy. Great! I was excited too, but you are not Edward Elric, so don't be upset when you work hard and end up making a common stone, this happens, don't get upset and don't blame yourself.

Ok, All the weird sounding mats, with Fine, Refined, and anything fancy like that, is sold in the 8/12 store.

Ok this is a work in progress, more will come. I only post compounds I've personally done, so I can endorse that these to work. They are the product of my research, guessing,, asking, and what not.

If you have any requests, message me on here or in game and I"ll work on posting it as soon as I'm able.


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